Surrender: समर्पण एक चकवा (Marathi Poem)

Meera, in surrender

You found Life.

Surrender –
One track,
One goal,
One mean,
One bond,
One end,
One liberation;

Surrender –
One personality,
One prop,
One power,
One end,
One Martyr;

Surrender –

An initiation,
A sect,
A favour,
A sacrifice;

Surrender –
One man,
One bed,
One sacrificial alter,
One gratifying pain;

Surrender –
One-way sweep of a swing,
That never returns.

Surrender –
An ember dying, buried
Under a thick layer of ashes;

Surrender –

A never-ending illusion.

(Meera, also called Meerabai, is a saint-poet of India. Meera, like Kabir and Tukaram, is rebellion and contented, and bestows joy and courage on people. Her sainthood is not ordained by any institutionalised religion.)
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Remigius de Souza
(Published on Poets India website

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  1. The spirit of rebellion is ambiguous yet very clear...The sparks smoulder even under a thick layer of ashes...

  2. Hi Saima,
    I am very happy to hear from you, in the first place. And I also note your new blog... My Compliments!

    When we face the flux in our time, ambiguity becomes inevitable, at least for me.
    I imagine the times of Meera, and compare with my contemporary times --- and wonder how we have progressed, which is appalling.

    Even the present feminist movement is pittance compared to Meera.