Prayer Power and Global Climate Warming

Prayer Power and Global Climate Warming

by Remigius de Souza

Prayer Power: Poem by Remigius de Souza

In the realms of Terra Incognita Indica, sages and saints for centuries acclaimed Sahaja-Dharma – natural intrinsic Dharma – of an individual that is beyond and above any Authority, Institution or Agency. Dharma upholds spirituality / religiousness, even if one may be theist or atheist.

Prayer Power

Prayer when becomes Work
Nature becomes ugly liability.

Work when becomes Prayer
Nature becomes supreme serenity.

(Nature, here, that is inside and outside both.)

Global Climate Warming

WITH THE of civilised societies, there also grew elite classes of rulers and clerics i.e. institutionalised religions, which believed in gods or non-gods, where the rulers assumed the role of incarnation of gods, coroneted by the blessings of the class/ caste of clergy.

Ever since, the history has been witnessing chaos, conflicts, exploitation in the name of sovereignty and/or in the name institutionalised religions and their respective gods. However, ironically, the great civilisations and the empires (until the last century) vanish, and People prevail.

As the civilisations advanced, of course in technologies, with new, newer weapons of war of domination over and exploitation of the weaker, the underclass, also emerged.

The history also witnesses the rise of institutionalised ‘no-God-religions’ and the weapons of war, colonisation, globalisation, market, economy, and convenient laws of the state that may rule and deliver judgements but not Justice; all these add on the already existing chaos.

All the religions and hypothetical systems, which rule, promise protestation of life, happiness and salvation during life and/or after Death (now, in the clones, perhaps).

All humans are subject to emotions roused by their senses, virtues and vices, strength and weaknesses handed over by their grooming and orientations; the more powerful the greater their insecurities.

However, the so-called modern, powerful advance societies have succeeded in organising vice/s on mass scale at global level to the effect of mass murder of Land and Waters and all the Living Beings.

Despite all the hullabaloos raised by these societies on the issue of Global Climate Warming, indeed it is trivial before this crime. To cover up their own crimes on mass scale these societies hold the whole of humanity responsible for global climate warming.

Remigius de Souza
© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.
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मातीचा माणूस - मातीचा सुगंध

मातीचा माणूस - मातीचा सुगंध
आधुनिक युगाची कविता

मातीचा माणूस
विसाव्या शतकाच्या अखेरीला
माय चावूनझ राजकारणी लोकांची
पंथास लागलेला।

मातीचा गोळा
त्याचा केला प्याला
साठवली पहिल्या
धारेची नशा त्यात
मध्यरात्रीच्या नि:शब्द सान्निध्यात।

मातीचा गोळा
त्याची केली पणती
त्यात वात पेटवली
मधारात्रीच्या नि:शब्द सान्निध्यात.

मातीचा गोळा माणूस
त्याचा केला
जीव त्यात फुन्करला
नाव त्याचे ठेवले
मातीचा पूत

त्याला पावसात भिजत ठेवला
कुजत ठेवला
ठोकून थोपटून घडवला
उनात त्याला करपला.

माणसाची माती
एकविसाव्या शतकाच्या
कधी काळी येईला का त्याला
मातीचा सुगंध?
© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.


हीमनगाची टीप

हीमनगाची टीप

हीमनगाची टीप
अंगाराचे उद्रेक

© Remigius de Souza।, All rights reserves.





On my last lap my meek feeble body
Surrenders on the operation table
For a surgery on my right eye.

While getting ready my body is covered.
My left arm moves. Someone questions,
‘Any problem? Tell us’. ‘No problem.’

Yet again the same action and same question.
‘A fly on my nose; my mind’s trickery.’
A young voice sings a famous tune.

My nagging mind keeps poking at my body,
‘You have a constant cough these days.
What will happen if you cough now?’

The surgeon works like a sculptor
with her delicate fingers and fine tools
on my untimely ageing eye, on a living body.

My right eye reveals vibrant spectrum
in many a rainbows in many shapes
moving, changing in a lost space – time.

A tiny part of my body dies. sooner
than I realise, a grey flash for a while.
Than once again ‘similar’ rainbows appear.

My arrogant mind now is stunned
by the power of homeostatis:
as if by miracle no sign of cough.

Seeing this and the revelations
of rich abstractions of colours
my mind is humbled before my body.

My dominating mind had bullied my eyes
– my body – to toil for decades –
O, ages – for its own limitless ego.

One mind pushed an organic part to decay,
another replaced it by one made of Earth:
Both could have been saved by some sanity.


At an early age mind could only reach
out to know and understand the world
through body, her senses, sensitivity.

Unadulterated then by civilisations
it was united with body. O, it’s but
now forgotten, or is lost in the forest.

At an early age my mind adored body
at her zenith as Mother Goddess;
it now elevates her by beautifications:

with perfumes, pigments, ornaments, attires
to appeal the public eye, and confers upon her
selectively with world beauty pageant titles.

By acquisition of civilised cultures
mind has now becomes brainy, and wants
to rule me as my self-coroneted master.

It considers itself of a superior race,
exploits my body as an inferior ugly object
for any use at will, than its abode and a mate.

It invents exotic cuisines to feed its ego,
and stuffs my body like a garbage can,
or starves her. It doesn’t know hunger.

It invents drugs, transplants of organs
from other bodies to keep its own going,
or breast implants for public sex appeal.

Like cuisines sexuality occupies mind.
It invents assaults on sex in private
and public places and in cyber space.

Mind has forgotten that sex is the seventh
sense dormant in the genitals for the survival
of spaces in human, animal, and plant worlds

Unlike an aboriginal mind that adores
yoni and phallus – fertility and vitality,
my hedonist mind misses the essence of sex.


Mind mummifies dead body, builds tombs
over indifferent bones and ashes and the Earth
in its vanity, for non-existent future.

Mind condemns its own abode a hundred
ways and continues its tantrums further
upon the mass of body of the collective

to its fragments that drift away from each
other, sends vibes of alienation to gain
power and control over them; to exploit

the weak and the less privileged;
and finally turns to abuse and rape Mother Earth
progressively for the applause of crowd.

How the evil designs of demonic mind
Spread fast across the oceans and land,
become global epidemic unabated!

But the young minds, their body and soul
spontaneously celebrate the coming of spring,
rain and harvest, join in the dance and song.

Why can’t my mind come down to earth,
and join innocent joys and dance along
the pathway of the Sun around the globe?

There’s a soft whisper,
‘No soul, no body;
No body, no mid.’


Now I know at my final go
whatever may be the cause
it shall be a joyful bliss,

just as now, for liberated soul.
To narrate I’ll not be there.
That’s everyone’s sole privilege.

I bless her that shows the way
Silently within touch her feet
one personified Sat-Chit-Anandam.

* * *

Remigius de Souza
11 Nov. – 3 Dec. 2004

© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.


Life of a Flower

Life of a Flower

Whosoever whatsoever
Bestowed life unto a flower
Knows its meaning better;
Plucked from its twig,
It yet lives on until its time.

I neither wish to be identified
My self with my name nor
Any trade nor vocation nor profession;
These are but many a location.

In every word I breathe out and in
In every word that I inscribe on sand
I write my epitaph in time to be wiped.
O friend, I share this thought in passing
But you can sure share my being.


© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.