Spring Time (Haiku)

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On the wings of spring 
Cuckoo —   
Flue away  

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I am the luminous illusion

Sea: photo by Thalia Katsiveli

I am the luminous illusion

you came close as if lost,
like a wave dissolving on sands of shore,
tickling smile of white surf on my melancholy feet,
holding your sari, with flood of laughter went away
playing on the waves, in the diminishing light across horizon,

I dive into a zero in the showers of clouds
wandering a maze, in thousand streams,
of your image illusory. Flowing down on me,
the mysterious lines whispered in my ears,
I am the luminous illusion on this tidal ocean
in eternity.

* * *
1. The above photo: courtesy Thelia Katsiveli, Athens, Greece. 
2. This is plain translation of my original Marathi composition. It was difficult for me to get the sound of Marathi. I may attempt some other time!
3. Link to original Marathi Poem: http://remichimarathiboli.blogspot.in/2013/10/blog-post.html

Remigius de Souza | Mumbai
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Arrogant Ego

Meteor-Crater on Earth
 Very few may even think of how finite resources from the Earth are squandered for fancies that have no relevance to well-being of all the living-beings on the earth.

Arrogant Ego

Arrogant Ego of hi-tech-man,
mountain-high, with blinkers on,
from satellites to PC to metropolis
that leave deep craters
in the Earth – than meteors
Without Bang many Wars.

(Mumbai | 05:06, Wed 28-12-2011)
Note: Image Source: Internet

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The maze of happy mannequins
In regiments after regiments
In the synthetic woods
Of glamour and clamour,
Their presence produces
Weird noise meaningless
That compels me to move
Ceaselessly on sharp edges,
Adds on to boredom and exhaustion
That leads me nowhere:
No germination,
No deliverance.
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