Maroon Veil

Maroon silence covers
Thousand hundred wars
And the emperor cried of his bloody hands.
I fight with an unrecognized enemy
That is in maroon veil.
My enemy goes on multiplying
Like an amoeba within me
That I don’t recognise myself anymore –
Me a fractioned self into innumerable
Amoebae to fight against
Under a maroon veil:
Maroon is the war
Maroon is the threshold
Of day and night:
I hide myself under a maroon veil.

* * *
Baroda (Vadodara) 

Note: The image above is by the author. It was made around the same time.
(I wrote this composition during my stay in Baroda (now Vadodara). Then I was the witness to communal riots, exploitation of the scheduled caste and the schedule tribe in Gujarat State. The gender atrocities were very common, such as dowry deaths. It was no more a peace-loving State. But what I witnessed then was only a tip of an iceberg, or the beginning of the unrest/atrocities that followed in three decades.) 

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Poem by Remigius de Souza

Lucky dog

Valentine or Santa, both strangers to me,
in this media-frenzy in this market place,
though I carry European Christian names:
They remain merely non-entities for me.

Certainly the seasons, even in this urban jungle
are close to my heart; so also the sun, moon
and stars, sky and clouds, dawn and dusk; a rare
patch of green and a song of bird. They evoke
emotions, memories, longings and aspirations
though I have no knowledge scholarly of them
to make money or name from these real entities.
I am enriched as I meet them in remote holes
in this urban maze like a stray ferrous flake
meets magnet: what a windfall for a lucky dog!

By Remigius de Souza

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A Million Incarnations Now!

A Million Incarnations Now!: 
Tribute to Peoples' Uprisings everywhere
by Remigius de Souza 

"My enemy within me" by Remigius de Souza

A night of million Incarnations NOW
in millions - faces,
eyes, limbs, yonis, phalluses, 
tongues out hungry ― 
Now a million stars show  
The Way to million Incarnations imminent 

Wake up O, Ruler!  
For this dark night  
is of a million uprising  
of anonymous multitude  
A Million Incarnations Now
A million Incarnations!  

Mumbai | 15-9-1987
Note : This poem was published on ARCHETYPES INDIA
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भारताची लोकसंख्या विनासेन्सॉर - India’s Population Uncensored

 India’s Population Uncensored

भारताची लोकसंख्या विना सेन्सॉर
India’s Population Uncensored

Here the population explosion unlimited
Many Family Planning options employed
All Planning remedies tried are tired
Once obstacle of Auspicious Time worked
Now through all seasons and times
Marriages happen 24x7 on TV serials

Note: 1. Translation by the Author
2. Painted Poem in Marathi by Remigius de Souza
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