Karma-sannyasi's Self-immersion in Water (Poem)

Karma-sannyasi's Self-immersion in Water (Poem), translated in Matarthi and published on Remichi Marathi Boli on September 3, 2011.  
Image 1: Christian Burrial ground in Mumbai
Death, now, in the civilized societies is no more natural, and is more expensive than living.
His logic ends in No-Action act,
no energy spent in any effort,
no chase after what is gone,
no regret if it may
or not return ever,
in an environment
hostile or ambivalent,
natural is the behaviour
when body and mind
and soul in tune are.

Cosmos autonomous inner
is never an inert matter
enslaved not, isolated or
from the world outer.  
There’s the fearless fire
that can’t be consumed
by trivially mass mania mundane
in the waves after waves
that rise and fall and vanish.
In finality his flame inner
unites with life-giving water.

(Mumbai | 27-29/12/2005)
Image 2: Underwater Life and Death
Note 1: Recently there was news on BBC: New body 'liquefaction' unit unveiled in Floridafuneral home". It made me laugh. On one side the First World Nations talk-talk-talk of Environmental damage and hold responsible the entire humanity, and on the other hand find new ways to destroy natural environment by proxy.
2: Image 1: 'Christian Burrial ground in Mumbai' by the Author
3: Image 2 : Source- Internet
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