A Pawn

pawn on chaseboard
 A Pawn

Soul is priceless.
Mind is pawned.
Body is feeble.
How do I keep
Three together?


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  1. You have managed all these years Remi.Think of us in twenties.....I just dread when my friends give birth.

  2. You have added another dimension of specific vital issue. Unfortunately educate civil society fails to address it.

    I had given thought to it, and penned down in two series of essays: 1. LCM in Arithmetic of Life, and 2. Senses and Sense-Ability. You may go through them at your convenience.

    I quote: Work, Rest, Health, Learning and Propagation are the intrinsic functions of all the species, which are given by nature. Hence, in these functions all the living beings have autonomy bestowed upon them by Nature.