All Fools’ Day

The Fool in Tarot Pack

All Fools’ Da

Whatever may be, it’s my doing,
by choice or by force, that I forget;
my rush ends it in half-hearted doing
and in endless strife I am caught.

In my fear of loosing my doing
no moment spared to stop and look
from all sides around, inside out,
at all levels, in all dimensions:

much of it I am ignorant.
On the fast track of one dimension
never knew when I lost myself;
never realised I am the means;

and I am the end. A product, an idea,
a thought, an act, or a concept
in time is perishable and transient:
no sooner born belongs to the past.

In stagnant water all actions stink.
But waters of life are always flowing,
condensing, evaporating, raining,
reflecting; that’s the nature of water,

Save Forest-Save Life

of life born in water, but not my doing.
In looking at doing, the doing ceases.
At the core of ocean prevails

Silence pregnant with new life. 

* * *
Remigius de Souza | Mumbai | 26 March 2004
Note: Image: The Fool; Credits: the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
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