At the age of sixty (Marathi Poem)

At the age of sixty – seventy
Ate my daily Roti – bread –
But a thought never touched conscience
‘For the grain of this Roti
Some man – woman in exile
Toiled in the heat – cold – rain’
Roti, a good deed of Brahma
Its worth priced in two-ana coin
And Food-Brahma got caught
In the noose of Civilization
. . .

© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.


  1. That thought never touches anyone's conscience who has not set foot on that soil which grows this grain!

    Wonderful- Food BRahma is entrapped!

    1. With SRISHTIYOGA I also started BODY DHARMA which brings body and mind in communion. This poem materialized after a kind of survey across people of different walks of life. Only one person - a student of mine - answered my question positively.
      Thanks for visit :-)
      Please do come again.