Prayer Power

Prayer and Work

Prayer Power, poem by Remigius de Souza, Mumbai

Prayer Power

Prayer when becomes Work
Nature becomes ugly liability.

Work when becomes Prayer
Nature becomes supreme serenity.

Why to pray in the first place?
To what purpose is a prayer addressed?
To who is it addressed?
Is a prayer an offering?
Then what is offered in a prayer?
1) Is it an offering of Words (Mantra?) or an Act of Sacrifice (of something or someone else)?
2) Or, Is a prayer asking for / an application to an authority for a favour in return of an offering?
Could I be an authority and the devotee?
Could I be an offering and the sacrifice at the same time?

(Here, Nature that is within and outside, both; Nature is not merely greenery. There is no need for initiation by any guru to follow and practice work, any work, as a prayer.
It is indeed a way out of conflict/s within a person, between persons, or groups, or between Man and Nature.)

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© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.


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    1. Thank you Pattu ji for your appreciation! I have many questions than answers. Once I wrote poetry in classic form. Now no more.
      If you wish you may send my posts by E-mail, or place them on Fb, G+ !! You don't need my permission...

  2. Prayer, as you say, could be without words, in any work -- cooking, eating, feeding... Indeed a new way of prayer!!