At my tiny little kitchen

At my tiny little kitchen

At my tiny little kitchen I meet
my kin, now and again daily.
A silent dialogue develops
in surrender and sacrifice.
They take me to faraway places,
And men, and women unknown,
And their toil of love benign
in the soil, water, sun and rain.

At my kitchen together
we surrender on the sacrificial alter
in living - growing - dying,
together loving and giving.
There grows a cosmic song,
takes me to region unknown.

© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.
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  1. Thanks, Maya. Plz do visit again.
    - Remi

  2. There is another poem – AT THE AGE OF SIXTY, published on 3 June 2008, both my poems have come through real life experience of working on paddy and vegetable farms and cooking my food at my tiny little kitchen... It is not WRING POETRY but in LIVING POETRY in real life...

  3. Living poetry in real life , is very inspiring and gives a earthy feeling to the reader. Lovely!