Rain! Rain! Come again -5

Farmers’ agonies and ecstasy: sixtytwo years passed since Independence but there seems no end to farmers’ miseries

White cloud takes
charming colours –
Does not rain.

(written: 1999-2000)
(White clouds are like promises by the politicians.)

The educated elite may believe the farmers work only for four months and idle away rest of the year. Even the experts like Amartya Sen may not be an exception. Then what about the government and the bureaucrats, market and the industrial society of the First World?

More than Nature and natural calamities, it is the governments and bureaucracy, market and industrial society, by their lopsided priorities of development and progress, inflict harm on them; they are the real cause for their agonies.

There is much to learn for the governments, policymakers and the experts from the farmers: See "Watering the farms: Learning fro the people".

Remigius de Souza
August 15, 2009

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