All Fool's Day

All Fool’s Day

Whatever may be, it’s my doing,

by choice or by force, that I forget;

my rush ends it in half-hearted doing

and in endless strife I am caught.

In my fear of loosing my doing

no moment spared to stop and look

from all sides around, inside out,

at all levels, in all dimensions:

much of it I am ignorant.

On the fast track of one dimension

never knew when I lost myself;

never realised I am the means;

and I am the end. A product, an idea,

a thought, an act, or a concept

in time is perishable and transient:

no sooner born belongs to the past.

In stagnant water all actions stink.

But waters of life are always flowing,

condensing, evaporating, raining,

reflecting; that’s the nature of water,

of life born in water, but not my doing.

In looking at doing, the doing ceases.

At the core of ocean prevails

Silence pregnant with new life.


Remigius de Souza

(26 March 2004)

© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.
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