Hail Careerists!

Hail Careerists!
By Remigius de Souza

Arjuna sees only the parrot’s eye.
Hail Careerist!
Unblest me, I see
   the eye
   the parrot
   the twig
   the tree
   the earth
   that gives food.
I see the reflection on his eye
   of the sky
   that gives rain.
I see through its dark interior
   the picture
   on his retina
   of the clouds.
Arjuna’s arrow transcended;
Parrot was delivered of his birth.
But my bow and arrow dropped;
And I received my boon of mirth
(To be born again?)

CAREER is glorified in Industrial Age; it wasn’t different in any civilized society since its inception 5K years ago: It is power-oriented. The recent example is Steve Jobs, who recently expired. He was so possessed by his occupation that he had no time for his children, or to write his autobiography. He lived life compartmentalized, so much so, he did not attend to the aspect of “recycling” his own products when they are obsolete. This is a major lacuna created by the Industrial Civilization, which is against Nature’s Laws!

(Translated by the author from the original text in Marathi: See Link)
© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.


  1. Your poem gave me goosebumps!! Will post a recent FB status msg here:
    "I was annoyed and griping about the fact that I was unable to concentrate on my work with my mind going on a spin.To be focused on one's job, one has to look at just that and not anything else.You know, black and white. How does the job affect the tree across the room, the people displaced in Chemmenchery, the dying equity in the land, increasing corporitisation , dying away of local traditions, future of beautiful innocent children being brought into a world like this and ........If questions like these spin your head, its ok to be unproductive reassured my boss."

  2. Thanks Maya! I used my training in architecture to earn livelihood. But always kept in mind, though some agency pays for my work, real client is, if school building: Students, if City of Vadodara (formerly Baroda): the citizens... I would try my best within my scope, which none could question, because of natural justice which is above law.
    I wrote this poem some decade back.