Stuffed bird in a museums
Illustration 1: Stuffed Crested Lark in a natural histiry museum: species of plants and animials are becoming extinct with progress and development of Indutrial Civilisation.

Perhaps I could sing words of birds
Along smiling shoots of spring
In the company of mango bloom
And soothing green of cuckoo's Pancham,
And dance under the canopy of clouds
To the peacock's call in the backyards
On the pathway of Meghdootam
There in the abode of Saras;
Or inscribe them on deadly diskettes
For the posterity.

In my mega-city, mummies
Of birds celebrate, sing silently,
In the tombs of Natural History.
Who shall cherish the memory
Of my jungle of skyscrapers
And of glass buildings which scares
The heavenly eagles away;
Of serpentine Metro that snatches
The abode of Shesha's descendants away?


(Pancham: the Fifth note of the seven tones. Eagle is considered Lord Visnhu's vehicle by the Hindus.
Meghdootam: The classic literary work in Sanskrit by poet Kalidasa.
Shesha: Primeval serpent that lives in lower world, the bed of Lord Vishnu, the ancester of snakes on the earth.)
© Remigius de Souza., All rights reserves.


  1. Hi,
    I am a student of science.
    I wonder, after reading your poem, aren't buildings and cities indicators of progress and develpment?

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Having practiced paddy and vegetable farming in my childhood, and later as architect planner, I have understood hat goes into farming, and what goes into making buildings and cities, particularly energy, and how these affect ecology and environment not only of birds but also humans.
    Scientists should help laypeople to understand this relationship. After all how much of paddy grains the birds will eat? Whereas human Human appetite to devour the resources has no limit: more advance a society voracious their appetite.